We moved into our shared home in November 2016.  Bringing four households together was a challenge - as expected.  It's working well.  There have been things to work out, but so far, communicating openly and with kindness seems to be getting us over all the bumps. 

We are four  women who have jointly purchased a house right in the heart of a small Ontario town.  Our intent is to "age in place".   All of us previously owned houses that we sold to buy into this home, freeing up some equity for things ike travel, helping our kids, financing future care needs, etc.  We still have a 25% ownership asset that can be sold when we move on.   Add in the benefits of companionship, worry free travel and safety and we're all pretty happy about our decision.

100 Perry Street - Shared Home Ownership

legal framework

The house is owned under a tenants-in-common framework and all owners have signed a binding legal agreement  that spells out how one goes about buying or selling a share, how decisions are made, etc.

Toronto Rehabilitation Connection

The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute  has offered expert advice in order to help make 100 Perry Street particularly comfortable and functional for seniors and others with disabilities.  more.....