100 Perry Street - Shared Home Ownership


Four  women have come together to buy a house together right in the heart of Port Perry.  We have planned this renovation with the intention of "aging in place".  We expect our monthly expenses to be less than $700 each - $1000 with a generous allowance for a cleaning service.   We have all freed up some of the equity in our old homes, for things like travel, helping our kids, etc.  We still have a 25% ownership asset that can be sold when we move on.   Add in the benefits of companionship, worry free travel and safety and we're all pretty excited about this project.

Toronto Rehabilitation Connection

The Toronto Rehabilitation Institutehas offered expert advice in order to help make 100 Perry Street particularly comfortable and functional for seniors and others with disabilities.  more.....

legal framework

The house is owned under a tenants-in-common framework and all owners have signed a bindinglegal agreementthat will spell out how one goes about buying or selling a share.

Construction is well underway.  The old Bigelow House was lifted off its foundation and moved to the side while the new foundation and basement was constructed.  The old house has now been moved into it's final position and framing of the addition has begun.  We expect to move in by the beginning of November.

Decisions regarding interiors have been surprisingly easy so far.  We are using a designer to  help make decisions on all of the common areas and the external finishings.  As a result, we were able to choose all of the tiles and floorings for the entire home (including 6.5 bathrooms!) in less than an hour. 

All of our appliances have been ordered, clearing the way for a final kitchen design.  In choosing appliances, we tried to anticipate problems, both with shared living and with physical limitations that will come with age.  For example, we are installing two dishwashers so that there is never an excuse to leave dishes in the sink....something we think might irritate others.