100 Perry Street - Shared Home Ownership


We have had amazing support from a local designer.  She has helped us with selection of flooring, finishes, blinds, etc as well as the furnishings of the common areas.  She has been the neutral party in saying yea or nay to certain pieces that one of us may love but that do not fit the general décor.  She has also helped us individually in deciding placement of furniture, pictures, etc in our private areas.

Private Spaces

Each of us decided on the decoration of our own bedrooms and bathrooms.  Differences in fixtures etc resulted in slightly different final prices for each of us.  Each of our private areas reflect our own personalities and tastes. 

Downsizing hasn't been easy. For some of us, this was the first "downsize" from a long term family home.  For others, it was the 3rd or 4th downsize.  We're still settling in so there are lots of boxes around and the garage is still full of furniture and boxes, but we're getting there.  One of the challenges for some of us has been finding enough walls and surfaces in our private areas for the things we find precious.  

Common Areas

Some of the pieces that we had originally planned to use in the house turned out to be just too big.  We've managed to furnish the common areas  (kitchen, media room, guest rooms, office) with things that we brought from our previous homes.  The one exception is the living room, where we decided to purchase new furniture to get a consistent look.

Other than a few pieces of art, anything we've individually contributed to the common areas now belongs to "the house".  Our reasons include:
•    We don’t want to have to redecorate because a piece that was once central to our decor has disappeared.  
•    If one of us spills red wine on the couch, it’s better if it’s a “family” piece rather than belonging to one individual.    
•    That couch is going to wear out eventually and it’s the contingency fund that is going to replace it!