100 Perry Street - Shared Home Ownership


Guests are welcome, whether friends or family.  Of course, we let our housemate know if someone is staying for a meal, or overnight. 
Grandkids and other family have been coming over regularly.  Several were invited over by the baker in our group to help make Christmas cookies.

We have talked about what happens if "one of us finds a man".  We've had lots of chuckles about that, but basically, we're all entitled to have overnight guests in our own rooms.  The legal agreement does have some language about the length of time anyone can stay - to guard against the possibilty of anyone moving in without a formal discussion and agreement. 

Everyone is welcome to entertain. It is everyone’s home. If one of us wants to host our book club on a Sunday, then we  clear it with the others in advance and then go ahead.  If appropriate, other housemates can be invited, but there’s lots of room for others to be in the home at the same time even if they aren’t joining the group.  

Our town also has at least 10 local restaurants and bars that are all walkable from the house.  So far, there's an easy flow to having drop-in or formally invited guests in our home.